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Thank you for visiting our website.  While here, you will not only learn more about who we are, our mission and objectives as a charitable organization, but also our past successes and future goals.

Resources and educational material, as well as creative art is also included here.  Keep in mind that Ivory Garden hosts nearly a dozen websites as well as an online support forum:  IGDID Support Forum.

This website will eventually pull over a decade of material, now stored on other websites, into this site.  For now, we provide updated information as we will add years of survivor stories, poems, articles, art, etc.


So many of you have supported Ivory Garden.  We extend our deepest felt gratitude for all that you have done to help so many.

If you would like to become involved with and/or support Ivory Garden programs, we welcome individuals, groups, and organizations who share our passion in providing education and support in the area of trauma and dissociation.  We could do so much more if we had the resources and/or funds.
If you have questions or would like to become more involved, please contact me us.  Enjoy our site.

Pat Goodwin, MA

President, Ivory Garden


Ivory Garden Programs

Trauma Survivor Peer Support Program
A private online support group for folks who have experienced childhood trauma and struggle with dissociative disorder - a private, safe community where survivors can discuss, learn, support each other, and chat.


Educational Webinars
This program allows for guest speakers to present workshops and presentations via the internet. All trauma survivors, professionals, and supporters are invited.
"Ivory Garden Hosts" Workshop Program
Online and live workshops geared for survivors of trauma, professionals, and supporters are presented by experts in their field. CEU's with certificates are made available through the NASW by Ivory Garden.
Trauma and Dissociation Event Hosting Program
Ivory Garden provides hosting for international, annual, educational fundraising events as well as smaller community events which fall within the mission and objectives of Ivory Garden as a nonprofit corporation. Presenters are carefully selected as highly qualified and able to relate to survivors, professionals, and supporters. CEU's with certificates are always available through the NASW provided by Ivory Garden.
Event Scholarship Program
Ivory Garden provides scholarships for attendees at hosted events based on financial need. This program benefits those who would otherwise be unable to attend. Scholarships are provided for all qualifying attendees including presenters based on need and available funds of this program.
Event Lodging/Travel Program
Because events are international, attendees and guest speakers travel from all over the world. We understand that travel and lodging expenses can be such that many are simply unable to attend. Our 'Lodging Program' is designed to provide guest rooms for speakers and attendees. Ivory Garden 'Event Travel Program' provides travel expenses for attendees. Both programs are dependent on donations and budget as well as the needs of individual grantees.

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