Program Donations

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Event Travel/Lodging Fund:

This program is designed to provide full or partial lodging and/or travel for those who wish to attend events, but are unable to because of the cost of lodging and/or travel expenses.  Because Ivory Garden events draw attention internationally, we understand the need for this program.  Over 80% of those who attended the past three conferences traveled long distances and stayed in the hotel.  Hundreds more contacted Ivory Garden event planners throughout the years asking if we can help them with their expenses.  Because the conference offers so much benefit to survivors, clinicians, students, and other supporters internationally, it is within our mission and goals as an organization to do what we can to make available to those who so desperately need what the conference offers – education, awareness, and support in the area of trauma and dissociation.

 Event Scholarship Fund:

Donations to the Event Scholarship Fund provide full or partial scholarships to Ivory Garden hosted events to qualified attendees based on need and available funds of this program.  Because of this program, survivors, students, professionals and supporters, who could not have otherwise attended, are able to come, participate, and benefit.

Events and Conference Fund:

This fund includes events including:  conferences, webinars, and workshops.  All events hosted by Ivory Garden are fundraisers based on the missions and objectives set forth by Ivory Garden Nonprofit Corporation and benefit attendees and other entities with similar missions to educate, inform and support in the area of trauma and dissociation.   Donations to this fund ensure that not only the larger conferences, but also smaller events can continue successfully as well as more being presented nationwide.  Besides donating financially to this fund, you can help by promoting and attending events hosted by Ivory Garden.  For instance, the upcoming “2017 Trauma and Dissociation Conference”, as are all events, depend on donations through registration to the conference, promoting of the conference, in-kind donations, and sponsorship of the conference.

Trauma Survivor Peer-Support Fund:

Donating to this fund helps to ensure that online support forums, workshops, etc. operate to capacity.  Understanding that no one is compensated for their time, such expenses as hosting the forums, sites, and chat rooms are covered.

Ivory Garden General Fund:

Your donations to this fund ensures that Ivory Garden Nonprofit Corporation continues to provide education, support and events throughout its many programs.

Disclaimer:Ivory Garden is a nonprofit, charitable, registered 501(c)(3) organization dba in Washington State. Thank you for supporting Ivory Garden located in Algona. Ivory Garden is registered with Washington State’s Charities Program as required by law and additional information is available by calling 800-332-4483 or visiting

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Thank you for your continued support of this project.