Event Lodging/Travel Program

This program is designed to provide full or partial lodging and/or travel for those who wish to attend events, but are unable to because of the cost of lodging and/or travel expenses.  Because Ivory Garden events draw attention internationally, we understand the need for this program.  Over 80% of those who attended the past three conferences traveled long distances and stayed in the hotel.  Hundreds more contacted Ivory Garden event planners throughout the years asking if we can help them with their expenses.  Because the conference offers so much benefit to survivors, clinicians, students, and other supporters internationally, it is within our mission and goals as an organization to do whatever we can to help those who so desperately need what the conference offers - education, awareness, and support in the area of trauma and dissociation. 

Event Lodging Program:

The 'Event Lodging Program' is designed to provide full or partial lodging for qualified speakers and attendees during events.  We are aware that some past attendees have actually stayed in nearby shelters in order to participate in events.  In the past, we have been able to provide some 30-40 rooms for those who could not afford to stay in the hotel.  We would like to do more, but again this program depends on donations in order to help folks.  Lodging is expensive and keeps folks who want and need to attend from coming at all.  Providing food has also been a challenge.  Ivory Garden has been able to provide food for many folks during all of the conferences. 

The 'Event Travel Program':

The 'Event Travel Program' provides travel expenses for qualified attendees.  Folks travel from all over the world in order to attend the "Trauma and Dissociation Conferences" hosted by Ivory Garden.  During the past three years, we have been able to provide travel accommodations for more than 30 folks, which allowed them the ability to afford the trip and attend.   These expenses can include anything from 'ride-sharing' to full or partial airfare.  Again, this program depends on public donation in order to operate. 

Ivory Garden is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization - meaning that helping others to attend depends on program donors and registration donations only.  These program benefit students, abuse survivors, clinicians, supporters, and professionals.  Registration donations are kept at a minimum to cover expenses of holding the conference itself. in order to make it a bit easier for folks to afford travel and lodging expenses.    Until Ivory Garden has the funds to present these type conference nationwide, people have no other choice, but to come to Seattle - from wherever they live.  Many are within a population that simply cannot afford the expenses.  Abuse-survivors are often disabled as a direct effect of the abuse that they suffered - living on fixed incomes.  Most students are not in a financial place to travel and attend.  Many professionals are new in their practices, and the idea of attending is beyond their personal or business budgets.  We understand and talk to everyone in an effort to help.

We don't want the very people who desire and need education in the area of trauma and dissociation to feel that it is out of their reach, because of the expense to attend.  Of course, the notion of holding such an educational event,  while covering expenses for all in need, is beyond  our reach.  Therefore, Ivory Garden does all that they can to help all that is possible within the budget. 

If you have questions about this program and/or suggestions, please contact me.

Patricia Goodwin, President

Ivory Garden