Event Scholarship Program

Ivory Garden provides scholarships for attendance at hosted events based on many factors. This program benefits those who would otherwise be unable to attend. Scholarships are provided for all qualifying attendees based on need and available funds of this program.  Firstly, volunteers are provided scholarships.  Secondly, those who help us promote and raise donations qualify for scholarships.  Thirdly, attendees apply for scholarships and are approved for either full or partial scholarships based on need.  Scholarships covers registration only. 

This program is our most beneficial program in that it also helps local folks who do not have travel or lodging expenses.  Last year, we were able to provide about 45 scholarships to attendees.  These scholarships were awarded to a variety of folks from all over the world for a variety of reasons.  Again, this program is dependent on donations.  A donation of less than $200.00 can afford us the ability to provide one scholarship.  We are most saddened that we are simply unable to accommodate local abuse-survivors and students with scholarships. 

This is also our most popular program.  Last year, we received about $1500 from the generous folks who saw the benefit it provides for folks to be able to attend.    All folks who had already registered, but were unable to attend, donated their tickets to  scholarships.  Scholarships also allow for those able to afford travel and/or lodging expenses the extra help that a scholarship provides for them. 

Those who have requested scholarships have expressed their need to experience all that the conference has to offer.  Many have no other mental-health resources at all.  Professionals and students have also expressed their need for a scholarship in order for them to attend.  Some folks have successfully set up their own donation sites, in order to get the public to help them afford to go.  Those who have received scholarships have been so grateful as to write us notes and letters of thanks. 

It is important to remember that people are not drawn to this conference as entertainment.   Those who want to come are looking for quality-education, peer-interaction, and current information and research in the area of trauma-informed-care and dissociation.   Some are wanting to learn in order to provide for others appropriate knowledge, some to better understand themselves, and some in order to provide quality service for their clients.  We are truly saddened when people are turned away simply because we cannot financial provide for them a scholarship. 

If you have questions about this program or would like to help out, contact me.

Pat Goodwin, President

Ivory Garden