Trauma and Dissociation Event Hosting Program

Trauma and Dissociation Event Hosting Program

Trauma and Dissociation Event Hosting Program

Ivory Garden provides hosting for international, annual, educational fundraising events as well as smaller community events which fall within the mission and objectives of Ivory Garden as a nonprofit corporation.  In order to understand how this program works, we need to examine the process of, for instance, hosting the annual "Trauma and Dissociation Conference".

The Process of Hosting Fundraisers:

  1.   Analyze how and if the event relates to the mission and objectives of Ivory Garden Corporation:

    Ivory Garden is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization which provides programs and resources that support survivors and those who support survivors of childhood trauma, as well as raising public and professional awareness of the effects of childhood trauma:

    Provide educational materials and opportunities to survivors of childhood trauma in order to further understand and promote healing.

    Provide educational opportunities to those who support survivors of childhood trauma including: family, friends, mental health professionals, educators, and other interested parties.

  2.  If the event does fall within the mission and objective, create a title for the event that tells people what to expect.
  3. From the title, create a theme for which all presentations, workshops, and plenaries will fall within.  Create objectives, based on the theme, that are measurable and that attendees can expect to gain from attending.
  4. Based on the mission and goals, the title, and the theme, approach presenters who are highly qualified, not only within the field of trauma and dissociation, but also able to present to a diverse audience of survivors, supporters, and professionals on topics that fit within the theme.  They also must be able to provide their own objectives that meet the objectives of the overall event.   Beyond all of this, speakers must be motivated to volunteer their time in favor of the mission and objectives of Ivory Garden.   
  5. Find a venue that can accommodate the event for the least amount of expense.
  6. Decide whether you will offer CUE's with certificates - very different from 'making' CEU's available (meaning attendees apply for their own hours).  The cost of providing CEU's with certificates is an expense. 
  7. Contact Audio Visual companies who are able to provide AV for an amount that fits the budget. 
  8. Analyze the attendance - how many people will attend.
  9. Create a separate website for the event.
  10. Analyze promotion and the expense of promoting the event. 
  11. Create a budget for the entire event based on what is needed and the expense of each.  Basic needs: audio visual, venue, speakers, website (including Search Engine Optimization, expenses of SSL, hosting, etc.), promotional expertise, and general expenses. 
  12. Based on the budget, decide what donations will be needed for registration.  How much to set the registration amount for attendees.
  13. Keep all websites, social media, speakers, attendees, etc updated daily. 
  14. Search Engine Optimization is most important and expensive.  If people can't find the event, they won't be coming.
  15. Reach out to anyone with similar goals to help promote.
  16. As folks register, provide receipts and ticket numbers for each.  Keep a close record, create name-tags, and keep them updated on changes or updates. 
  17. Stay in touch with the planners at the venue to let them know your needs as well as fulfilling theirs'.
  18. Actively plan the event so that it runs smoothly when the time comes.

Hosting Fundraisers:

Admittedly, the above list is simple and leaves out most of the work for actually pulling a successful fundraiser off.  And, I didn't include it here for the purpose of teaching anyone 'how to' plan a successful fundraising event.  During our last Trauma and Dissociation Conference, many folks asked if we were able to have a conference for another nonprofit corporation.  My answer, "We already have."

Our 2015 Trauma and Dissociation Conference was a fundraiser for TOPDD.  You can find information on our past conferences on this website. 

So, yes - we can host a conference for other nonprofits who wish to have one and whose missions and objectives are similar to ours'.  What does this mean to other nonprofits and/or to us as a nonprofit? 

One of our passions is to involve as many people and groups as we can to work together for the same purpose.   This can happen by us hosting more conferences in more areas and by involving more nonprofit organizations.

How the Program Works:

Again, the success of this program depends on volunteers, donations, attendance and everyone working together toward one goal - more educational events in more areas. 

The "Trauma and Dissociation Conferences" were successes because people volunteered their time, expertise, financial support, and resources.  Though the conferences remain a success and help so many, the budget is so well executed that at the end of the day, the cookie jar is empty.  

Though there are expenses that are paid, what makes the conferences work so well is all done by volunteers.   The Board of Directors, speakers, and volunteers are not compensated for their hard work.  And, it should be mentioned that many of these folks are survivors themselves and living on disability unable to even pay for their own rooms at the events.  Clearly, Ivory Garden volunteers have come through as experts at hosting the most unique and beneficial events available to survivors, supporters and professionals to date. 

Realizing that volunteers do all of the work listed above, it is easy to understand why the conferences are such a success.  Ivory Garden directors are able to keep the expenses as well as the registration down and still remain within a tight budget.  That is what Ivory Garden brings to the table when hosting conferences for any group.  What the hosted-group brings to the table is more volunteers, higher attendance, and more registration - depending on the resources of the group.  In this way, both groups benefit and are able to expand their vision of fulfilling their mission in so much more depth than can be imagined. 

Hosting conference is a fairly new program for Ivory Garden.  Any group interested should contact me for more details.

Pat Goodwin, President

Ivory Garden