"Ivory Garden Hosts" Workshop Program

"Ivory Garden Hosts" Workshop Program

Online and live workshops geared for survivors of trauma, professionals, and supporters are presented by experts in their field.  This program operates much like the 'Event Hosting' program, but on a much smaller scale.  For instance, Ivory Garden is currently presenting an online weekly workshop teaching coping skills and and providing an understanding of how early childhood abuse affects how adults react to daily life situations. 

The success and evolution of this program also depends on donations.  Thus far, attendees have not been asked to donate registrations in order to participate.  Those who are directly involved in planning, speaking, or presenting have volunteered their time and expertise.  Workshops have been highly successful in bringing together survivors, professionals, and supporters as well as providing reliable and current educational information. 

In the future, we hope to bring workshops to anyone who would like to learn more about trauma and dissociation nationwide.  Ivory Garden directors would like to continue providing workshops freely, as well as providing CEU's with certificates for each as needed.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact me.

Patricia Goodwin, President

Ivory Garden